Automatic Gates

Utah Gate Company installs the most advanced automatic gates to give you the biggest convenience in opening and managing the portal of your home or commercial property. With our wide selection of gate operators, you can safely enter without having to step out of your car, especially during the wee hours of the night or on rainy days.

Whether you want a telephone entry system, an intercom system, or remote control, we will take care of it for you. Get your free quote now to start making your home a little bit more convenient!

Driveway Gates

We supply and install the most trusted driveway gates in Salt Lake, Davis, and other Utah Counties. Our driveway gates are available in different sizes to accommodate your various needs. Our team of experts delivers the quickest and most precise installation so you get the functionality and quality you deserve. Call us today so we can help you build the driveway gate that’s perfect for your needs!

Commercial Gates

We help businesses, apartment complexes, and other properties across Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah Counties to secure their space by providing the sturdiest commercial gates. Using the most trusted gate products, our skilled technicians install commercial gates with efficiency and precision. Contact us today so we can give you the protection and boundaries you need for your property!

Residential Gates

We specialize in providing and installing residential gates in Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah Counties. Utah Gate Company offers a wide variety of gate operators and openers, all installed by our experienced technicians.

Whether you want a single or double-paneled residential gate, a swing or slide gate, phone systems, or a keypad, we’ll set them all up for you. Simply tell us which automated gate system you’d like, and we will give you the safest and most secure residential gate. Get your free quote now! 

Security Fencing

We take pride in providing top-notch security fencing for your commercial property — whether that be in Salt Lake, Davis, or other Utah Counties. With our wide range of fencing products, you can ensure security, set clear boundaries, and maintain your privacy. 

We offer premium services, like steel fencing, chain link fencing, vinyl fencing, and ornamental iron fencing. As each type of service has its own advantages, we at Utah Gate Company will help you determine the right security fencing for your needs and preferences. Contact us today so we can make your premises more secure with security fencing!

Metal Cages

We are a team of experts who specialize in supplying and installing metal cages perfect to keep your equipment, machinery, chemicals, special zones, and other valuables protected. By providing the strongest and most stable metal cages, we give extra protection to your property against possible theft and break-ins.

We offer customizable metal cages to suit your area’s size. For added security, you can select different accessories, like steel benches and ceiling panels. Custom options also include special locks, automatic door closers, and extended heights. Call us today so we can help protect your valuables through the most reliable metal cages!