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Slide gate operators are some of our most versatile products. At Utah Gate Company, we use these gates in residential properties with restricted space and massive commercial properties with wide-open spaces. We supply and install superior slide gate operators for Salt Lake County, Davis County, and Utah County landowners.

Read on to learn more about slide gate operators — what they are, their benefits, and which types of properties typically use them.

What Are Slide Gate Operators?

Slide gate operators are barriers that use wheels and automated systems to open and close an entry or exit point. We often find these gate types in commercial areas, but they’re also ideal for residential properties with steep grades and site restrictions.

We’re growing our residential clientele for these products as more and more homeowners see the value in these flexible gates.

Benefits of Slide Gate Operators

Automated sliding gates are a great addition to residential and commercial properties. We provide clients with the best-quality gates that offer landowners many benefits.  

Unmatched Convenience

With slide gate operators, drivers entering a property do not have to get out of the car to open or close gates. These gates are ideal for persons with physical disabilities and are particularly useful in bad weather situations. 

Enhanced Security

Our slide gate operators’ locks and safety beams provide our clients with enhanced security. You can use our automated sliding gates with monitoring software and emergency stop buttons for maximum safety.

Minimal Space Requirement

Automated sliding gates take up much less space than their swinging counterparts. If you want to enhance the safety of your limited-space residential complex, these gates are ideal for you. You can use the space you save as parking slots or mini outdoor gardens.

Improved Curb Appeal

At Utah Gate Company, we provide clients with a diverse scope of automatic sliding gates that meet varying styles, preferences, and budgets. You can dictate the size, material, and add-on devices that best fit your needs. Our specialists can recommend the ideal products for any residential or commercial property.


Sliding gates are some of the most durable products we offer our clients. As these products use wheels, you do not have to worry about them hitting the ground, cutting down repair requirements.

We guarantee that our superior products, trained specialists, and excellent customer service will keep your gate functioning for years! We can recommend materials that withstand harsh weather conditions and require minimal repairs.

Secure Your Property Now

Secure your property now with Utah’s #1 gate and entry expert. We provide Salt Lake County, Davis County, and Utah County with high-quality automated sliding gates ideal for various residential and commercial applications.

If you have a property that needs an additional layer of protection that enhances its aesthetic appeal, we highly recommend installing automatic sliding gates. Call us at 801-406-3957 now to request a free quote.