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Looking to secure your home or business? Want to protect your family or assets? Security is an important aspect of any residential or commercial property. To ensure the safety of your home, facility, and assets, it’s important to install a gate system. If you are looking for a Salt Lake City gate company, look no further than Utah Gate Company. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we install different types of gates and customize our installation services to fit your needs.

Automatic Gates

We recommend automatic gates for both residential and commercial properties. While automatic gates are expensive up front, it’ll save you more money in the long run. Their durability means cheaper maintenance costs in the future. We offer automatic gates for customers looking for ultimate reliability and safety.

Depending on the type of automatic gate you want, it can be operated by remotes, handheld transmitters, access control system, or vehicle detection devices located on the gate itself. Automatic gates can also be electric-powered, chain-driven, gear-driven, or hydraulic.

At Utah Gate Company, we offer six types of automatic gates to our customers including:

  • Swing Gates: This typically features two doors on each side that swing open in the same direction. For automatic swing gates to work efficiently, you need level ground and enough space to prevent obstruction. Besides extra security, we recommend automatic swing gates due to their aesthetic appeal. It’s a popular option among our customers.
  • Sliding Gates: Unlike automatic swing gates, automatic sliding gates are more rigid and less vulnerable to break-ins. Rollers attached to the bottom of the sliding gate make it easy for the gate to slide horizontally back and forth. Automatic sliding gates also require less space than automatic swing gates. However, you must keep its tracks clear of leaves and debris to keep it working properly.
  • Bi-Folding Gates: This type of automatic gate functions like a swing gate. However, it requires less space, enabling it to move faster. Automatic bi-folding gates have two gate panels hinged together. These gate panels fold in when activated. We recommend bi-folding gates for places that experience continuous vehicle traffic due to its speed. However, consider extra safety measures since automatic bi-folding gates provide less security.
  • Telescopic Gates: This type of gate functions like automatic sliding gates without the need for more space. When opened, individual sections of the gate overlap each other. A standard sliding gate motor operates each section. Cables control the specific gate segments when activated. We recommend automatic telescopic gates for areas with limited space. However, they can only be installed on even ground.
  • Cantilever Sliding Gates: This type of gate operates like a sliding gate without being supported by rollers that slide along the ground. Instead, rails run along the fence structure with the gate hanging over the opening. Because of its strength and reliability, we recommend cantilever sliding gates for heavy-duty and industrial-type facilities.
  • Vertical Pivot Lift Gates: For customers with limited space and uneven terrain, we recommend automatic vertical pivot lift gates as the best option. Held together by a vertical support tower, this type of gate moves horizontally to grant access to vehicles.

Driveway Gates

For customers looking for security and privacy at their home, we recommend driveway gates. Not only do driveway gates offer safety, they can also increase your home’s property value and curb appeal. If you’re thinking of getting homeowners’ insurance, installing a driveway gate can lower your insurance premiums since your insurance provider would consider your property less vulnerable.

Besides deterring burglars and unwanted trespassers, driveway gates also protect you and your property from dangerous animals like stray dogs or bears roaming for food.

Commercial Gates

We offer commercial gates for facilities or establishments that require stricter security measures and regulated access. Most of these facilities often receive a high volume of traffic or store various machinery. We recommend commercial gates to business owners since commercial gates function faster, provide more safety, and are more durable than residential gates.

Why are commercial gates so durable? Aluminum. At Utah Gate Company, our gate suppliers l use aluminum for commercial gates because they’re strong, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. Since they’re less susceptible to wear and tear, commercial gates will save you on costly repair and replacements.

Residential Gates

We offer residential gates for customers looking for both style and security to their property. Residential gates are like driveway gates except but they offer access to vehicles and pedestrians. Anyone can use residential gates as an entryway.

We offer the most common types of residential gates including swing gates and sliding gates. However, we can customize any type of residential gate to fit your property’s needs style.

Like driveway gates, residential gates increase your privacy and keep out intruders, securing you, your family, and your property.

Security Fencing

At Utah Gate Company, we offer security fencing as the perfect solution for property with large open spaces. Security fences deter thieves or other unauthorized personnel from breaking in or trespassing on your property. With a security fence, burglars will think twice before intruding since it’ll be harder for them to break in without being noticed. Since security fences obstruct their escape, burglars will also have a difficult time taking any stolen items with them.

Metal Cages

At Utah Gate Company, we offer customers metal cages to protect your belongings or other important assets. We recommend facilities that store hazardous materials or vital equipment like data servers. Metal cages can also be used as temporary storage for evidence in police facilities.

Depending on your needs, our gate manufacturers use different metal alloys when constructing metal cages such as:

  • Stainless steel: Used in most metal cages, it’s highly resistant to corrosion because of added chromium. We provide stainless steel cages for both indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • Tool steel: Found in tools, this type of steel consists of different metals such as tungsten, cobalt, and vanadium.
  • Alloy steel: Durable and resistant to rust, alloy steel combines iron and at least one type of metal such as aluminum Our gate suppliers also add manganese to make it stronger.
  • Carbon steel: Commonly known as wrought iron, carbon steel is another popular option. While carbon is more brittle in comparison to other metals, mixing it with other metal types can enhance its strength. Medium carbon steel is less malleable and is often used when constructing bridges. High carbon steel and ultra-high carbon steel are found in wires and kitchen products.

Gate Systems

A gate system consists of the gate itself and the gate operator — the machinery that controls the gate. At Utah Gate Company, we offer three types of gate operators:

Swing Gate Operators

We recommend swing gate operators for commercial and residential gates that weigh over 1,000 kg in weight and are 7 meters wide in each wing. Swing gate operators have great features such as quick speed and durability. Swing gate operators open and close gates within 12 to 15 seconds depending on the gate’s weight and length.

Slide Gate Operators

We also recommend slide gate operators as a viable option for both residential and commercial properties. We offer two types of slide gate operators:

  • Front Mount or Standard: We mount the gate operator on a chain on the inside of the bottom of the gate.
  • Rear Mount or End-of-Track: The operator and chain are not visible, which makes it more appealing. However, it requires more work.

Traffic Control Gates (Barrier Arms)

We recommend traffic control gates, also known as barrier arm gates for commercial facilities that need to control vehicle traffic in their parking lot or garage. This type of gate consists of a vertical barrier arm that rotates in and out of the gate opening. Traffic control gates range from 6 to 30 inches.

We offer two types of traffic control gates:

  • Standard: Built for durability and continuous high-traffic, we recommend standard traffic control gates for industrial and other commercial operations. Standard traffic control gates can be up to 15 inches in long and weigh as much as 25 lbs.
  • Wishbone: This type of traffic control gate comprises double arms for added stability. We offer wishbone traffic control gates for customers who need to control wide areas with high traffic.

Our Gate Operator Suppliers

At Utah Gate Company, we strive to provide our customers with the best gates made out of the best material. We work with different gate suppliers to ensure that you get the best options and installation services. Our suppliers include reliable brands such as:

  • LiftMaster
  • Byan Systems
  • HY Security
  • Sunpower
  • AutoGates
  • DoorKing
  • Linear Pro Access
  • All-O-Matic

Locations We Serve

While we’re a Salt Lake City gate company, Utah Gate Company also operates in different locations across Utah to better serve our clients no matter where they are. We offer professional gate installation services across the state, including:

  • Salt Lake City
  • West Valley City
  • Draper
  • Sandy
  • Ogden
  • Lehi

Why Choose Us

Choosing professional installation services like Utah Gate Company will ensure a gate system that functions properly and keeps your property safe. Our professional installation services guarantee a gate system will be not only compatible with your needs, but also the purpose of your property. Book an appointment with us today to get a gate system that will serve you for years to come.